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Using a Clean Towel Is So Essential for Skin

Using a Clean Towel Is So Essential for Skin

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Deanna Pai
08 . 01 . 21
Skin Education

Your face towel could be responsible for breakouts and irritation.


One of the best things about skin is that it has a built-in defense mechanism. From the moisture barrier to the microbiome — that is, the ecosystem of microbes that has a synergistic effect on skin — skin is relatively well-equipped to fend off aggressors and retain balance. The downside, though, is that skin doesn’t exist in a vacuum. There are environmental concerns to consider, such as sun exposure and pollution, as well as everyday habits that make this all-important balance a little more delicate and fragile. Certain factors impact it more than one may think — such as your face towel.

That brings us to the inevitable question: How often do you wash your face towel? While your towel may seem clean enough to use day after day, perhaps with a weekly laundering, it’s not as hygienic as it seems. That could have big consequences for your skin. 

For one, in using the same towel to pat your face dry after each cleanse, you may be inadvertently transferring that makeup, debris, and even bacteria back and forth. Not only that, but damp towels in general are also an ideal breeding ground for bacteria; in fact, one study found that almost 90% of used cloth towels contained various strains of bacteria, including E. Coli. Unless you’re washing your towels daily or even every other day, it’s likely that this bacteria is being reintroduced to your skin, leading to breakouts or irritation.

First, let’s talk acne. If you’ve tried to address breakouts with traditional skincare formulas, there’s a good chance your dirty towel may be at fault — since bacteria plays a major role in its formation. The P. acnes bacteria is one of the primary factors in acne, alongside excess sebum and dead skin cells, and triggers the inflammation that creates the telltale swelling and redness. If you’re pressing a towel to your breakout, letting it sit for 24 hours, and then pressing it to your face yet again, you’re essentially incubating this bacteria — not to mention potentially introducing new strains to already compromised skin. 

Not only that, but a damp environment such as your face towel can become a free-for-all for allergens, from mold to mildew. That can trigger allergies in some, as well as irritation for those with sensitive skin. Ultimately, this could cause redness and discomfort.

That said, while using a fresh face towel every time you cleanse is ideal, it’s not exactly realistic nor sustainable. That’s where the Resoré Face Towel comes in. The soft, fluffy towel is made with Silverbac™, a material that inhibits bacterial growth and won’t ever wash out or lose efficacy with wear. It’s also woven with Lyocell™ and rayon bamboo, which are both naturally hypoallergenic, as well as Aegean Turkish cotton, a natural and hypoallergenic fiber that gives it a luxurious texture. Together, they work to ensure that your towel stays free of bacteria, mold, and other potential irritants no matter how often (or how infrequently) you wash it.

These carefully chosen fibers also allow the towel to dry 40% faster than standard cotton. That keeps your towel from becoming a damp — and thus more hospitable — environment for bacteria and mold, further hindering growth. With these two ways of ensuring a clean towel, why stop at the face? You may want to use it for your entire body — and you can. The Resoré Body Towel ensures healthy skin from head to toe.

With a science-driven way to address the more obscure (but no less important) sources of breakouts and irritation, the face and body towels can serve as an integral part of your skincare routine — and deliver a smoother, calmer complexion in the process.

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