Free Shipping on orders over $150
Free Shipping on orders over $150
Sustainability In our small ways, we can all play our part in doing better for our planet.

Coming from Australia water conservation is important to us.  Because our Resore towel doesn’t breed or harbour bacteria and odours, you can spend less time washing your towel.  Helping with reducing the amount of water waste and detergents that can harm the environment.

Speaking of Laundry days, when washing your resore towels you may also consider washing at cooler temperatures. Given the antibacterial fibers within the towel, you can feel more confident your towel is actively destroying bacteria, germs and odors during cold wash cycles. Research finds roughly 75 percent of the energy required to do a load of laundry goes into heating the water. Using cold water saves energy, putting less pressure on electricity grids and out outcomes to achieve such outputs.

Medically graded bacteria defeating silverbac technology also gives you more options to reduce your wash cycles and in turn preserve more water and harmful detergents. Air drying your towel daily is a great way to ensure it does not stay damp allowing the fibres within it to work quickly on destroying the bacteria build up and have it feeling fresh for longer periods of time without washing it.

There are some great initiatives and textile recycling programs so if you are replacing your current towels, take a moment to see if you can recycle them locally.

Our packaging is made from 100% recyclable and biodegradable materials.

We will continue to find ways to reduce our environmental impact.

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