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Why Does Your Towel Smell?

Why Does Your Towel Smell?

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Deanna Pai
17 . 01 . 21
Skin Education
If it’s not free of bacteria and mildew, your towel can start to emit an odor.

In a perfect world, you would cleanse your face and body before drying off with a soft, plush towel that smells fresh and clean. But more often than not, that’s not the case. Instead, whether straight from the laundry or after a few uses, towels can start to smell. The odor is often musty or sour, a sure sign that it may not be as clean as you think it is — and that very well might be the case.

If your towel smells, the most likely culprit is bacteria. Bacteria are notorious for producing a variety of odors. Take, for instance, body odor: Research shows that it’s typically caused by bacterial enzymes breaking down the various fatty acids and amino acids found in your sweat. Odds are, this is what’s occurring on your towel, too, as your towel is constantly pressed against your skin. As unhealthy bacteria contribute to skin conditions like acne, keeping your towel free of them is of utmost importance for a clear, healthy complexion.

Then, there’s the issue of mildew, which is a type of mold that thrives in damp areas — such as, of course, a wet towel. Mildew can not only trigger allergies and irritation in some, particularly those with sensitive skin, but it can also emit a smell in its own right. 

While washing your towel after every single use can certainly help, that’s not exactly a realistic option for many. Not only is it not-so-eco-friendly, but laundering your towels also isn’t guaranteed to make your towels smell better, or keep them from smelling entirely — since it’s not guaranteed to remove bacteria.

That’s where the technology in Resoré Face Towel and Resoré Body Towel can help. Both feature Silverbac™, a specialized fiber woven with pure silver particles, which break down the bacteria that contribute to a towel’s smell. It won’t ever wash out of the towel’s fabric, meaning your towel offers permanent protection against bacteria and their telltale scent.

Then, there’s the combination of rayon bamboo and lyocell, two hypoallergenic fibers that are gentle and safe enough even for the most reactive skin. (Another bonus? Both are also more sustainable than other fibers.) They also allow the Face and Body Towels to wick moisture and dry more quickly than conventional towels. In doing so, the towels no longer offer a prime location for the growth of mildew and bacteria — giving the towels an added advantage against the smell.

Perhaps the best part? There’s no sacrificing elegance to keep your towel smelling fresh. The Face Towel and Body Towel are blended with the finest Aegean Turkish Cotton, which gives it a plush texture that only softens with each use. Fluffy yet durable, it ensures your Face and Bath Towel will properly for your skin — and smell good all the while. And if that’s not luxurious, we don’t know what is.

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