Free Shipping on orders over $150
Free Shipping on orders over $150
A little about us. and why we did this.

The towel you dry with matters as much as the cleanser you started with. Infrequently washing your towel creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, mildew, mould, and other highly potent skin irritants that not only collect on your skin but clog your pores, flare up acne, and trigger infection.

Despite its importance, research shows people don’t wash their towels often enough. Fair: we all have enough to manage between bills, our garden-window projects, work, dog walking, and trying to have a life away from the laundry; we’ve got enough to do.

It’s why we did this; A naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic towel that stays nice and clean so your skin can too. Unlike standard bathroom towels, our towel doesn’t breed or harbour bacteria, so you can spend less time washing your towel and more time enjoying your laundry free day and your great, clean skin.

At launch Resorè is honoured to have partnered with leading retailers in Australia the UK and the USA and be educating consumers online as to why a clean towel leads to cleaner skin.

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