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7 tips on how to get rid of back acne

7 tips on how to get rid of back acne

  • Skin Education
Dijana Rolc
06 . 10 . 21
Skin Education
Skin is our largest organ, covering our whole body. And acne finds its way not just on your face, but your back too. Sharing a few tips how to keep the skin on your back as clean as the skin on your face below.

If you have acne-prone skin chances are they are not just on your face. Your back may have a few spots you wish it didn't have. Especially when wearing an open back dress or just laying out in the sun, a nice sleek back is a dreamy sight for those suffering with this skin issue. But it doesn’t have to be this way. A combination of using the right products, like our antibacterial body towel and following a few of our tips below, will lead you to an acne and blemish free skin you dream of.

Shower right after workout

Probably the most common answer, but sometimes we go directly from a workout to a board meeting - athleisure anyone? The modern tempo dictates going from a gym to a salon to work, but don’t be in such a hurry to miss your shower, because the longer you let sweat sit on your skin, the higher the chance of developing acne. 


When talking about exfoliation we all think about exfoliating our face, but think about how often you exfoliate your body? Skin is the largest organ with a total area of about 20 square feet, and our backs cover a great portion of that. By using scrubs with salicylic acid you will remove dirt, oils and dead skin - all of this clogging the pores on your back. Try implementing this in your skincare routine at least 2 times per week and you will see the improvement.

Wear loose-fitting clothing

Tight clothing can cause friction especially when working out and clothes like that capture dirt and sweat and rub it into your pores. Wearing loose fitting clothes is better for your skin, but if you are one of those that like their workout clothes to hug their bodies, opt for materials that absorb sweat from the skin and reduce irritation. Think cotton and lyocell, materials that make you feel good and are ideal during workouts.

Keep hair off your back

Hair naturally falling on your back looks super chic, but make sure you put them in a ponytail during your sweat sessions as they may be adding oil and dirt to your back, causing acne. And when conditioning your hair, make sure to lift them up while waiting for the conditioner to do its magic because the ingredients from the conditioner can run down your back and contribute to clogging pores.

Eat healthy

A healthy and balanced diet helps with almost anything, and same goes with the appearance of your skin. It’s easy to succumb to sugar when you’re either having a bad day or your hormones are through the roof, but if you want your skin to look its best make sure you eat as much vegetables, fruits, lean protein and whole grains. 

Use oil-free sunscreen

Oils are great for massages, but if you don’t want your pores to clog, we suggest using non-comedogenic sunscreen, meaning oil-free. It will still hydrate your body and protect you at the same time.

Try not to scratch your back

Typing your annual report or just catching up with a friend and you suddenly feel your back itching? As comforting as it may sound, try not scratch your back with bare hands or you just might be clogging your pores with keyboard dirt. Instead ask a friend or get a back scratcher and do it over your clothes. No one wants that keyboard all over their back, right?

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