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Tips for sustainable skincare routine

Tips for sustainable skincare routine

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Dijana Rolc
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Skin Education
Sustainability. More than just a trend, it is a lifestyle. It is a way to make this planet a better and safer place to live for future generations.

But living sustainable doesn’t mean you need to go live in the woods - every little act and purchasing decision we make shapes the future of tomorrow. And you can start by making your skincare routine as sustainable as possible. How to do that? We’re sharing a few tips below:

Use cruelty free, vegan products

Here is a chance for you to ‘walk the talk and talk the walk’. We are sure you do not want to use products that have been tested on animals or have shady ingredients list. Start by using clean skincare products.

Use products that only have biodegradable and recyclable packaging

Try to use products that use materials like cardboard for their packaging or plastics that are fully recycled

Shop only for products that suit your skin

It’s tempting to try every new product that launches, but before you swipe that card make sure you are truly purchasing a product that suits your skin or truly does make a difference and a greater impact. For instance our towels suit multiple skin types and even help with those most sensitive, whereas some cleansers might not be suitable for each skin type. Do your research before purchasing to make sure you get the right products for yourself.

Close the tap when washing your face

A lesson we’ve all probably learned in our childhood, but sometimes we tend to forget. While lathering up the cleanser or simply taking it off with a wet face washer, close the tap so you can save water, the most precious natural resource.

Swap out the single use products for reusable ones

Single use products like cotton swabs can be replaced with reusable ones and same goes for cotton pads. As for the towels, our Resorè towels save 2900 gallons of water per year, since you only need to wash them once per week, as opposed to your regular towel. While you would need to switch the standard towel every second day, you can use one Resorè towel for a whole week without washing.

When washing your Resorè towels, wash with cold temperature

If you already own a Resorè towel, we advise to wash them with cold temperature as research finds show that roughly 75 percent of the energy required to do a load of laundry goes into heating the water. Using cold water saves energy, putting less pressure on electricity grids and out outcomes to achieve such outputs.

Leave your towels to air-dry if possible
Yes, we know the dryer makes the towels fluffy, but with Resorè towel's signature fibers the towels themselves are not damaged even if you air dry them. And nothing smells as good as freshly dried towels in the sun.

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