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How to keep your summer glow into Fall

How to keep your summer glow into Fall

  • Skin Education
Dijana Rolc
22 . 09 . 21
Skin Education
Healthy skin all seasons is the ultimate goal, and we're sharing a few tips below.

If you live in the northern hemisphere, you’ve probably heard the bad news. Summer has ended and Fall is officially taking over. It’s taking over not only the weather and your wardrobe, but also your skin.

The wind and the temperature difference, the drop of humidity and the indoor heating create conditions that make your skin susceptible to issues like irritation, dryness and in some cases even rosacea.

To get you through this we’re sharing a few tips on how to keep your summer glow into Fall.


Hydration is key no matter the season, but especially during the colder months. Switch your lightweight moisturizer for a thicker one and think about adding a layer of hydration by using hyaluronic acid based serums and pamper yourself with sheet masks. To lock in moisture make sure you don’t use towels with harsh fibers. Our face washers have moisture wicking and hydrophilic fibers like Lyocell, that help regulate body temperature and increase the flow of oxygen and moisture back into your pores keeping it hydrated and fresh. Add this to your skincare routine along with a creamy moisturizer and your skin will thank you.

Vitamin C

Ah, the magic of Vitamin C! The one that makes sure your skin looks bright as it helps boost collagen production. Using an SPF is a must in all seasons, but one way to do a little extra is adding a Vitamin C serum to your daily skincare routine as it helps combat those SPF rays that aren’t fully blocked by your sunscreen. 

Less exfoliation

Trust us, we love to exfoliate as much as everyone, but the cold seasons are not the right time. If needed, do a mild one and use a gentle cloth to buff out the dead skin. Our face washers and towels are super soft, as we used fibers like Rayon from bamboo and a special  Aegean Turkish cotton so it truly does not irritate the skin and leaves it feeling super soft and smooth. Using a body lotion right after the exfoliation keeps it looking supple as well.

Use a humidifier

Dry air from the heating causes the skin to, you guessed it, dry up. It can lead to dry patches, itchiness and in some cases rosacea. Following the tips above will definitely help your skin feeling and looking its best, but there is another way to add moisture especially if your home is filled with dry air and that is getting yourself a humidifier. When buying, look for the one that eliminates bacteria and produces hygienic and humidified air. 

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